What Kind of place is Cupertino, California?

Cupertino, California, is located at heart of Silicon Valley in the south of the San Francisco Bay Area, about an hour from San Francisco and twenty minutes from San Jose.

Our economy has gone in the last 30 years from rural farms that specialized in plums and apricots to companies like Apple Computers, headquartered here and at the forefront of technology development.

We are within driving range of such highly recognized institutions of higher learning as Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCSF, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University and Santa Clara University.

Our population of 50,456 has a median household income of $100,411 and a median age of 31. It is one of the most diverse populations and yet very proud of its unity and its "multiculturality" which in fact the cityís website helps to promote.

Around 95% of the residents have a high school degree and over 52% hold a bachelorís diploma.

The people of Cupertino are of many ethnicities and many faiths and several of the Christian churches offer services in Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese or Korean so they can best service the needs of their faithful regardless of their ethnic background.