Press releases:

February 15, 2005. Cupertino, 2/16/05: We, the Parents, a grassroots group of Parents at Stevens Creek Elementary School, in Cupertino, reaffirmed its confidence in Principal Patricia Vidmar after the school district’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought against her and the CUSD board by 5th grade teacher Stephen Williams. Upon reviewing the district's response, the group reiterated its support for the principal, the district and the school board, and is confident that this lawsuit will be quickly resolved. read more

February 2, 2005. Cupertino parents request that lawyers' group take further actions to correct mistakes.
Cupertino: We, The Parents, a group of parents at Stevens Creek Elementary issued a statement today regarding the ADF’s response to their Open Letter of last week. The letter requested that the ADF issue a public apology and a retraction of their November 23 press release which falsely stated that the Declaration of Independence had been banned at their school. read more

January 27, 2005. ADF reacts to We The Parents January 24 release and open letter, blames the media for threats against the school. read more

January 24, 2005. A group of parents from Stevens Creek Elementary School in Cupertino, California, has sent a letter to the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) requesting the retraction of a misleading press release, and an apology for the damages caused.

On November 22, 2004, the ADF issued a press release with the headline, "Declaration of Independence banned from classroom," to publicize a lawsuit filed in Federal Court against Stevens Creek Elementary School principal Patricia Vidmar, the school district and school board members. Due to its inflammatory nature, the press release was widely covered in the media and resulted in thousands of obscene and hostile calls, faxes and emails directed at Vidmar and the school To ensure the safety of students and staff, the Santa Clara Sheriff's Department posted two Sheriff Officers on school grounds to protect the children and staff for the weeks following their return to class from the Thanksgiving holiday. read more

December 27, 2004 A group of concerned parents at Stevens Creek Elementary School in Cupertino, California, have organized "We, the Parents", a grassroots effort aimed at correcting the misconceptions created in the media as a result of a lawsuit filed in federal district court by Stephen Williams, a 5th grade teacher at the school. Initial reports in the news falsely assserted that the school has "banned" the Declaration of Independence. Many parents feel that the innacurate reports have put their children and the school staff at risk. read more