What kind of School is Stevens Creek?

Stevens Creek is an elementary school within award winning Cupertino Union School District. It services over 600 students from K to 6th grade. It ranks around the top 2% of California schools despite the fact that the district is one of the lowest funded districts in the State of California (see chart). High parental commitment to children's education as well as an excellent staff of educators have helped to achieve that ranking.

Our District Dollars per Student $6,229
State Average for Districts in the Same
Category: Dollars per Student
State Average for All Districts: Dollars per Student $6,719

Our API score has increased consistently and is now at 926 out of 1000 possible points and our students rank in the highest percentiles on the STAR test (California standard-based tests) year after year.

Our graduates go on to award winning Kennedy middle school, and then Monta Vista High School, which maintains a graduation rate of 98.7%. With our schools' strong academic focus and competitive environment, our students are well prepared to excel in college and later in life.

Stevens Creek has over 30 teachers. All Stevens Creek Elementary staff members are involved in the school decision making process. Our dedicated staff and parents work closely together to create the excellent instructional program of which we are proud. Stevens Creek Elementary has an active group of parents, teachers, staff and administrators who work with the School Improvement Program budget. This group receives input from other staff and/or community members in order to effectively act as advisors in supporting curricular decisions. In addition, teachers, specialists, administrators and parents, meet regularly to design appropriate regular and/or Special Education interventions for at-risk students. Our goal is to ensure that every child receives an education suited to his or her individual needs. Another area of outstanding involvement is the Stevens Creek PTO. A large number of PTO board members and volunteers provide outstanding support for our school. They contribute considerable funds, service, time, energy and love. The PTO has sponsored several community events such as Pumpkin Panic for Stevens Creek families. Teachers serve on a number of committees for the ongoing evaluation and improvement of the instructional program at Stevens Creek. Grade level representatives meet monthly with the Principal as a Leadership Team. Teachers also serve as coordinators for specific programs.

Stevens Creek Elementary is a very tightly knit community where all parents feel as if they truly are helping to raise the over 600 children in school!

School spirit is evidenced in the many events we enjoy together such as Pumpkin Panic, the Halloween Parade, The holiday parties and the holiday sing-along, Valentine's Day, Walkathon and the end of the year picnic. We also hold school pride events such as the one on December 3rd, where the new school songs were unveiled. There were 43 entries and the music teachers were hard pressed to pick one!

For song lyrics, click here

At Stevens Creek, we say the pledge of allegiance with the words "under God" every morning.

We teach the California Standards based curriculum that requires a comparative study of several of the world's main religions, and our children celebrate at school religious holidays like Hanukkah, Christmas, Diwali and others. We explore traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving, Halloween and Valentine's Day!

Our school plays host, every day of the week, to organizations like the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. It also hosts an evangelical Christian group for children called the Good News Club.

We recently celebrated our 15th annual Holiday Sing-along at which our Starlight Singers lead all of us in a rendition of such classical Christmas songs as "Feliz Navidad", "Up in the Rooftop", "We need a little Christmas" and others, as well as two Hanukah songs. Our favorite Rolly Polly character in red made an appearance in every classroom and delivered candy canes to every child and many a HO, HO, HO was heard echoing through the halls! Some parents even got to express to Santa their most heartfelt wishes!

Some of the after-school activities on campus include:

The Boy Scouts, The Girl Scouts, The Good News Club (an evangelical Christian club for children), The Chess Club, The Science Club, AYSO Soccer practices, and a myriad of other child-related activities sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Cupertino.