Teaching of the Founding Documents

The Declaration of Independence as well as other historic documents are taught, discussed and fully reproduced in our 5th grade books, in accordance with state mandates and the district's curriculum. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are both prominently displayed in the school library.

Fifth grade history lessons cover the social, religious and political contexts of the foundation of the United States, from early Puritan settlements in the Thirteen Colonies to the War of Independence. The school is particularly innovative in bringing this period of history to life for its students. Every year the school hosts an over-night camp, where students re-enact the Revolutionary War. The religious background to the founding of the Nation is fully discussed.

Our teachers teach the state curriculum. They have been trained to recognize materials that are age appropriate for children in different grade levels and the school text has a list of additional supplemental materials that can and are in many cases used in class.