Patriotism, religion and history at Stevens Creek

School Spirit Day
Visit from a Veteran
Kindergarten Christmas story
Revolutionary war re-enactment
The story of Hanukah
Religions of the world
The Sheriff

School spirit day
December 3rd, 2004
The winners of a school-wide student school song contest were announced, and the assembly sang the winning entries. Hand-held flags were available for all. For song lyrics,
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A Visit from a Veteran
One of the Groups we have been working with is the Veterans School Liaison Committee. They were concerned about the initial reports about this case. Ralph Otte, a member of the committee, was invited to tour the school where he observer the kindergartners doing their daily Pledge of Allegiance, a conflict resolution class to train the school's Peace Patrol, The Declaration and Constitution copies framed and hung in the library, and some classrooms, including Mr. Williams' class.

Annual Kindergarten Christmas story
December 16, 2004
One of the "Classroom Moms" explains the story of the first Christmas to a Kindergarten class.

Annual Revolutionary war re-enactment
Spring, 2004 A Continental army "sergeant" (Parent Chaperone) with a minuteman "cadet". This annual Stevens Creek event allows 5th graders to experience what life was like for the soldiers during the revolutionary war.

For a local news story, click here.

To learn how we teach the founding documents, click here.

The story of Hanukah
December 16, 2004
Another classroom Mom explains the story of Hanukah

A book display in the library - religious holidays from around the world.

Sadly, our school now requires a police presence.
December 14, 2004

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